iDevice Service Options That Just Make Sense

We offer an alternative to stock piling broken devices in your IT department!



Corporate iPhone Repair Services Nationwide



As many corporations have begun the transition from Blackberry® devices over to Apple®, it makes good business sense to explore repair options that will save your organization money over device replacement and/or insurance claims.


GURUmicro will help your business reduce employee downtime and provide other money saving options in your iDevice management. Our specialized repair services for iPads and iPhones are not the type of services most IT department personnel are trained or equipped to handle.


We provide iPhone and iPad repair services that are many times less expensive than the average insurance deductible and we provide repair turnaround times that can be as fast as the  same day! We offer reduced repair prices for school systems and corporations based on the number of units deployed in your organization.



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iGURU Apple iPhone iPod and iPad repair services. Columbus, OHWe Service all models of the Apple®  iPhone and iPad
iGURU is the Central Ohio source for parts and repairs to your Apple® iPhone and iPad. Lightning fast turn around times and all Apple® OEM replacement parts in stock.


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