Join our "Cash Back" affiliate program and earn commission for referrals

What is a Cash Back card?
The cards are provided to you free of charge. You can distribute them to friends and family, business acquaintances, employees or literally anyone who has an iPhone. Even though people may not be in immediate need of repair service when you initially hand out the card, they can use it when the need arises because the Cash Back cards never expire!

As an affiliate, you will earn a $5.00 commission every time a customer redeems a card with your personal affiliate code on it.

What is an AF CODE:
You will be issued a unique Affiliate Code after your application is entered into our system. Then simply hand write this code in the "AF code" area on the back of each of your cards. Please use ink and write clearly. If we can't read the Code, we won't know who to pay!

If and when you run out of cards, you can stop in and pick more up in person or simply email us and we will mail them out promptly.

It's a win-win-win situation!
The customer gets $5.00 off their repair cost, you are paid $5.00 for the referral and GURUmicro gains a new customer. Your earning potential as an affiliate is virtually limitless. These cards are treated the same as cash when redeemed. They are printed on standard size business cards so they are likely to be kept in a wallet or purse. This fact will greatly increase the likelihood that your Cash Back card will still be at hand when an unexpected iPhone repair is suddenly needed!

PayPal payments and our commission policy:
Please complete all fields in the form below to ensure your application is properly processed and that you will receive your commission in a timely manner. PayPal is our preferred method to pay affiliates. If you do not have a PayPal account, we will mail a check to the address you provide below. We also allow our affiliates to stop in our shop in person for cash payouts if it's more convenient.

Important Notice: If you do not have a PayPal account and require a check to be mailed to you, we will notify you by email whenever one of your cards has been redeemed. We will only issue payments with paper checks when the commission we owe you reaches $20.00. Affiliates that are set up to accept payments from us electronically via PayPal are paid daily and typically within 24hrs. from the time the card was redeemed.

If you don't currently have a PayPal account, you should consider opening one. It's a free, fast and secure way to send and receive electronic payments. PayPal also issues a free debit card that allows you to withdraw your funds through ATM's and can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards. Click the PayPal logo above to learn more.

$5.00 Cash Back Card Affiliate Application

All fields that are required are marked with an asterisk (*) and the minimum needed to create your account and issue an AF Code. If you do not already have your Cash Back cards and/or want a paper check mailed to you, your address will also be required.

If you have a PayPal account please enter the email address associated with it in the email field.

We respect your privacy and will never share personal information with any other party or contact you for any reason not related to our cash back program.

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